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CinChemPro can provide custom repackaging for single occasion or ongoing projects.  We can receive material in bulk bags, steel or fiber drums and 25 lb or 50 lb. bags.  This material can be repackaged into bulk bags, steel or fiber drums, Gaylord boxes and 25 lb or 50 lb bags.

Customers need repackaging for a variety of reasons:

Acquisition or Name Change
For companies that are changing names, CinChemPro can repackage material into a package that displays the new company name.

Improving Package Image
If the current packaging is outdated or damaged, we can repackage material into new packages.

We can repackage 50 or 100-pound bags into 25-pound bags. This provides easier handling by employees.

Special Requirements
For customers that have a specific package need, we can repackage to put material in specially designed packages.

Pricing for Repackaging Services
Pricing is established on an individual basis.  Factors affecting price include: processing volume, dust level and hazard level of material.

All packaging materials and all freight costs are to be supplied by the customer.

All off-grade material and any clean-up water will be returned to the customer for their disposal.